Drain Cleaning FAQs

What are the signs that my drains need cleaning?

Signs that your drains need cleaning include slow draining water, unpleasant odors, gurgling sounds, and water backing up.

Can I use chemical drain cleaners?

You can use chemical drain cleaners but they can be harmful to your pipes and the environment. It’s best to use natural alternatives or call a professional drain cleaner.

How often should I have my drains cleaned?

It depends on several factors including usage, age of pipes, and the presence of trees. Generally, it’s recommended to have your drains cleaned every 1-2 years as preventative maintenance.

What can I do to prevent clogged drains?

You can prevent clogged drains by being mindful of what goes down them. Avoid pouring grease, oils, and coffee grounds down the drain. Use a strainer to catch hair and other debris and dispose of it properly.

What should I do if my drains are still slow after cleaning?

If your drains are still slow after cleaning, it’s possible that there is a more serious problem with your pipes. It’s best to call a professional plumber to inspect and fix the issue.